MedSoft comes from the experience gained by Ing. Alessandro Medolla for over 7 years in the field of document archiving and IT consulting.
In these years he has gained and enriched knowledge in the computer field that allowed him to found MedSoft.
Since then it has successfully operated in the IT world and boasts software skills and solutions for the best local and national realities both private and public.
MedSoft, with almost 20 years of experience, specializes in providing assistance and advice (hardware and software) to 360 degrees for companies and individuals working in the company or at home, creating solutions tailored to the customer.

The direct relationship with customers and professionalism as well as the availability and speed in the interventions are the characteristics of MedSoft.

In particular, MedSoft offers the following services:

  • IT support on Windows®, Mac® and Mobile systems
  • Preparation and assistance on servers of any kind in Windows and Linux, firewalls and proxies
  • Design and implementation of computer networks
  • Design and consulting of standard professional sites, e-commerce quickly (5 days) and at reasonable costs
  • Training and constant and professional assistance. Customers are trained and followed for every need or problem.
  • Creation of software and web applications easy to use, fast and reliable.

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